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High Efficiency, Desert Cooler or Heavy Duty?

We tend to steer clear of vague and ambiguous marketing terms and speak about what makes one core outperform another.  Creating a better heat exchanger design balances many variables; fin material, fin thickness, fin surface, fin depth, fin density, tube layout, tube wall thickness, burst pressure, header construction etc.

We also do not size a radiator based upon Horsepower. The rules of thumb that are thrown around in selling core size based on horsepower are very loosely based on science and heat exchange theory and more related to marketing.

The truth is that what principally drives our height and width sizing is the shell of the radiator or the core support where it fits. We can offer you deeper cores with more tubes and additional surface area, and consequently, more heat exchange contact points but you’ll never hear us say “this core is rated for x Horsepower”. That is Grade a Snakeoil.

Our radiators are built to achieve optimal cooling within the space you have given us.  The materials are expensive and the construction takes longer but the result is a better cooling radiator that is built to last.  We are proud of what we build and can answer any questions about radiator construction you might have.

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