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More great news for for US manufacturing

So where does our unique copper come from? Sweden no wait – Buffalo.

More manufactures returning to the US

The Aurubis Group is the largest copper producer in Europe and the world leader in copper recycling. They produce some 1 million tons of copper cathodes each year and from them a variety of copper products and they can hold our tolerances on copper fin material.

Additionally they are leading the charge in the environmentally friendly processing of recycling materials. The multi-metal recycler uses complex materials with varying qualities and properties, e.g., electric and electronic scrap, as feed material.

For years we purchased mill direct copper from Sweden and shipped it to our facility. It took over 60 days to lock in pricing, schedule time at the mill, transport on a slow boat and clear customs.  So it was great news to hear Aurubis announce the return of mill operations to US soil in Buffalo, NY.

Not only will this help The Brassworks reduce our lead times and inventory carrying costs it should help stimulate the US economy with jobs in Western New York.