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Crazy things we get up to

People building cars ask us to construct crazy things to get them out of a pinch.  It may be angles, tapers, pinches, scallops, reliefs, corners or combinations.  We started collecting photos to illustrate that we can get you out of a problem with ingenuity.

Sometimes our customers struggle to articulate the “chop” they want.  Most chopped radiators we see are 1932 chopped radiators and Model A chopped radiators but there are others.

Our Samurai warrior illustrates where a standard chop comes from.  The top of the radiator to upper-shell-mount remains the same distance, the lower bar to lower shell mount remains the same distance and everything below the bar remains the same.  The chop whether 2″ or 3″ (or more) comes from between the shell brackets.

Naturally there are exceptions to  this rule but this covers the vast majority of requested chops.


We place reliefs in tanks for steering assemblies when builders stick them where the bottom tank should be.









bucket header

Bucket style headers









32 ford flathead - just needed to clear the fanHere is a 1932 Ford Flathead with a custom upper hose connection that “just needed to clear the fan.”









radiator waterfall

This chop was so significant we made up the surface area with a secondary radiator in the front where the grille shell was deeper in the center.







custom OT for 1932 Chevy radiator

The owner of  this 1932 Chevy wanted a mild pressure radiator constructed with an overflow recover tank.  It couldn’t interfere with the light bar or fan or shell bracket.  We designed a larger canister, mounted with riv-nut fittings.  The pill box was required to fit inside the tank and stay below the hood line.  We painted it all flat black like his tube and fin core conversion.








radiator and oil coolerFabricated and oil coolers mounted next to radiator cores like this 1955 Ferrari or the mid-seventies Mercedes can be made upon request.







We build the infamous flared cartridge Heat Sponge radiator.  Hexagons, radius curves and angles are all possible with a cartridge design.







We build V shaped radiators of multiple core and common headers.  This is a production item for us and was used on Edsel Ford’s first speedster.







copper radiators

Copper Radiators…Oh yeah.  We’ve done them.copper radiators 1932 Ford












Tapered radiator cores for track nose race cars to fully optimize the full face area of the nose.







Temp sensor bungs can be placed  in the upper inlet or lower outlet as in this unpainted and patina-accelerated rat rod radiator.







  Inline radiator filler neck can also be located below the hood as was done in this otherwise period correct Model T with a small block Chevy engine which required a with step for hood to rest upon.






Power steering recess in Jeep RadiatorPower Steering Assembly for a custom Jeep radiator that was mounted on an S-10 frame.








33-34 Ford Truck Radiator with custom outlet This 1933-34 Ford truck radiator and shell was dropped down and the lower hose had to be raised up above the crossmember.  It required a special box built tight to the core.











We frequently face “obstructions” that may need to be cleared.  The Brassworks is well equipped to deal with these “challenges”.



All Copper Radiator

Yep.  All polished copper radiator 1668 copper on white back copywith all copper core.  We even polished and copper plated this customer’s water pump with a

FlowKooler hi flow impeller.





Here is an Octagon shaped radiator for a Vaughn Tractor Vaughn Tractor Radiator







A ’34 Ford with a Cadillac Flathead needs a patina to match the Rat Rod build. patina radiator for rat rod