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Replacing your round Harrison heater core

We photographed our instructions on one of our benches but a customer placed better ones on the forum at so we used his in the end.  Special thanks to Stovebolt.

heater core 020 small

Remove any screws holding the mounting ring in the housing.

heater core 022 small






Remove the heater core and mounting ring.

heater core 023 small


Apply heat near the inlet and outlet tube to de-solder the mounting ring from the heater core.

heater core 025 small

Pull the ring and heater core from the housing. Desolder and dispose of the 6V Fan

heater core 026 small
Locate The Brassworks heater core in the ring placing the fan inside the housing.

heater core 031 small






Feed the wires through the side bracket hole.

heater core 030 small

Drill holes through the mounting ring into the bracket. DO NOT drill into the tank. Place sheet metal screws into the bracket and tighten until the unit is secure in the ring.

heater core 032 small











Insert the mounting ring into the housing and use sheet metal screws to secure the mounting ring to the housing