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1947-57 Chevy Round Recirculating Heater Core

Price  $299.00 

Product Description

For 1947-54 Chevy Cars and 1949-1957 Chevy Trucks Harrison produced a Reciruclating Heater Core.  The lower priced Harrison Reciruclating Heater Core generated less heat, used the in-cabin air and had the round core. Its most commonly found in southern mild climate cars and is a tricky little unit to make.  If you are a purist, you will probably want your round Harrison cellular heater core restored.  The trouble is, the replacement cell cores without tanks costs ~ $340!

Because most people just want their window clear of fog, their feet warm and their wife happy, we scrapped that design and re-designed the heater core unit.  The tube and fin core design can handle the system pressure and has a 5.2" 12V SPAL fan with 313CFM.  We kept it all hidden inside the same round housing and did it so we would not break your bank.

We generally try to keep these units in stock; there will be a 2-3 week lead time if not.  Feel free to call before placing an order.

Made in the USA.

NOTE: We receive calls from our customers who retain the 6 volt electrical system and want to use our 12 Volt solution with an inverter.  We defer to the electrical experts on the sensibility of this but the 12V fan used draws 5 Amps at 13Volt and would require a 15 Amp inverter. 


step by step heater core installation


Instructions for the installation

Harrison parts HD-02-52, HD-03-52, HD-02A-55