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Polished German Silver fan shrouds

Price  $50.00 

Product Description

German Silver or Nickel silver is an alloy named for its silvery appearance.  It is commonly found on Bugattis and Rolls Royce cars prior  to 1938.  We find the mirror finish bouncing back the reflection of a polished engine and billet aluminum is unrivaled in the "bling" factor.


The Brassworks will fabricate and form a fan shroud to fit your radiator.  We make them of galvanized steel, polished brass, polished German Silver or a combination of metals. We never ever zip tie anything to our cores.  Our design bolt-mounts the fan to the shroud to reduce the impact of vibration.  Because each is custom-built we can vary the shroud depth to accommodate engine placement and fan motor depth.  Most people prefer the fit and finish of an inside mount but we can use an outside mount if we have concerns of trapped air or you prefer the look. Each is a custom build and you are a part of the design.  Please print out the attached noting the maximum permissible depth and mounting locations and fax your sketch to 805-239-2545.  This will begin the ordering process.  We will contact you to answer any questions, create the estimate and finalize the drawing.  Most polished brass fan shrouds are priced at ~410.  You are purchasing a drawing fee for the $50 which will be credited to the final price.

fan shroud templates

Embossed logos and designs

If you are looking for a unique look, consider an embossed logo or design stamped into the shroud or a negative relief into the material.  We make our dies in-house and can machine your desired design in a die stamp for that one-of-a-kind look.



logo embossed in a fan shroud