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N,R,S Radiator

Price  $3,900.00 

Product Description

The Model N was introduced in 1906 as the successor to Ford's Model A, C, and F.  Built to compete directly against the curved dash Oldsmobile, Ford produced some 7,000 in 1906 and ended the year as the nation's leading auto producer. As the Model N evolved into the Model R and Model S, the radiator evolved too.  We have seen photos of three part top tanks and drawn tanks, and cores constructed of both spiral fins on 1/2" tubes and more conventional 1/4" brass seamed tubes on 1" centers.

Features of the Model N, Model R, and Model S Radiator

  • Officially licensed earlier Ford "winged" script
  • Three part top tank
  • Water pump in the core
  • 1/4" round copper tubes for quicker heat transfer
  • Tellurium copper fins with 6 fins per vertical inch
  • Includes 10% Ford licensing fee