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1909-1910 Flat Tube Model T Radiator

Price  $1,299.00 

Product Description

Features of the early 1909-1910 radiator include:

  • Elongated "flat tubes" for efficient heat transfer
  • Staggered tube array for airflow disruption
  • Six fins of tellurium copper per vertical inch
  • Ford drawings indicate a brass support bar was “added” to the core on June 30, 1910.  Please indicate if the bar is needed when ordering.
  • Three piece polished brass tank construction
  • Single piece die stamped top wrapper panel without welded construction found on earlier reproductions
  • Internal brass baffle plate to prevent coolant loss
  • “Detroit, Michigan” identification embossing on the back tank
  • "Made in Canada" Ontario plate available upon request
  • Officially licensed early Ford "winged" script stamped in the top tank
  • Includes 10% Ford licensing fee
  • 1-13/16" spun brass fill neck without rivets
  • No extruded holes in the sidewalls for gas line
  • Brass tube for carbide gas powered lights is soldered to the lower tank
  • Rust proof red brass casting bottom outlets and upper inlets
  • 1/8" 27 NPT tapped outlet to accommodate period correct draincocks
  • Handcrafted in the USA


Choke hole location in Model T radiators

In December of 1910 Ford Model Ts used a priming rods routed between the fins of the radiator.  In January of 1911, Ford drilled a choke rod hole in the lower part of the front trim.  The Brassworks does not drill this hole as not every customer is certain of the production month and year.  The location of the hole is noted below for reference.