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1909-1910 Model T Radiator with Brass Shell

Price  $3,899.00 

Product Description

Ford began making their own radiators about October 1909, and was the sole supplier after March or April 1910.  Prior to tha March April Briscoe and (quite possibly) Paris manufactured a shell style radiator for Ford.

Features of the early 1909-1910 fabricated brass shell over radiator with tanks include:

  • Polished brass shell handformed to fit over radiator
  • The early Ford logo is optional - add 10% for the use of the Ford logo
  • Radiator  may be constructed with a hem seam or a butt joint between wrapper and face panel
  • Drawn copper tubes for more efficient heat transfer over seamed brass tubes
  • Six fins of tellurium copper per vertical inch
  • No brass bar through the core
  • Three piece internal brass tank construction
  • One piece drawn brass bottom tank with relief for crank
  • Internal brass baffle plate to prevent loss of coolant (not stock but suggested)
  • Available with or without officially licensed early Ford "winged" script stamped in the shell 
  • 1-13/16" spun brass fill neck without rivets
  • Brass tube for carbide gas powered lights is soldered to the lower tank
  • Bottom casting had smaller flange and differs from later 09-10s
  • Upper inlet casting has fluid entering the backside of the tank
  • Handcrafted in the USA

Other information on the earliest 1909 Fords has been provided by customers.  We provide this information without assurance of its accuracy and welcome additional information from owners of these rare collectible cars.  If you have information that differs please provide it.

  • #001-#499 use a brass shell wrapper over a radiator
  • #500-#2500 the brass seen is the radiator
  • #001-2500 used a waterpump and no support bar through the core
  • #2501 and higher did not use a pump