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1917-1927 Model T Snowmobile & Sandmobile Radiators

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Product Description

Whether you are gracing the slopes in the Virgil D. White patented Model T "Snowmobile," the later production Farm Specialty Manufacturing Company of New Holstein snowmobile or Carl Eliason's “power toboggan” you may need a radiator.  We recommend our more efficient flat-tube core with an elongated "flat" tube core design which increases heat transfer surface area and provides improved cooling capacity.

Features of the 1917-1923 Model T Low Style Radiator include:

  • Modern efficient copper core design with 6 fins per inch
  • 3/4" seamless weld tubes in a staggered array to disrupt airflow laterally
  • Tubes have 2.93 times the internal surface area of Ford's original design
  • Galvanized steel bar runs through lower part of core for support
  • Die stamped three piece brass top tanks with model correct die stampings
  • Drawn brass bottom tanks with relief for crank
  • Galvanized steel sidewalls to resist rust
  • Cast red brass rod support
  • Internal baffle in top tank to prevent cooling loss
  • Properly offset cast red brass inlet
  • Polished nickel plated filler neck (Chrome available upon request)
  • Hood mount tabs
  • Painted flat black to aid in heat exchange
  • Made in the USA


Ford transitioned from low style to high style halfway through 1923. Confirm your header-to-header measurement of 17" before ordering a low style radiator.


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