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1930-31 Pressurized Model A Radiator with Flat Tube Core

Price  $610.00 

Product Description

Ford never made a pressurized Model A radiator but our customers frequently request it.   Sometimes they have overdrives, high compression heads, down draft carburetors or other modifications or they just drive faster than the average top speed of a Model A in its production year e.g. about 35mph. 

Why use a pressurized system? Water at sea level boils at 223 degress Farenheit and for every pound of pressure, you raise the boiling point of water by 3 degrees. With our recommended 4psi cap and with a 50/50 mix of ethylene glycol it will boil at 235 degrees.  Its unlikely  that a Model A engine would ever see these temperatures but it is not uncommon for drivers to lose fluid at higher rpms.  Even with the internal baffle fluid will find a way out and fluid levels become one more thing to manage on your Model A. 

Using an elbow and keeping the neck and cap below the hood line your original Model A will look authentic from the outside and keep the engine cool inside. Whether in a slow moving parade, creeping up a long uphill grade or touring at higher speeds or racing in the regional hill climb or local time trial a pressurized system will provide you with peace of mind.

Features of the 1930 and 1931 Model A car and car based pick-up radiators set-up for pressure include:

  • Modern efficient copper core design with 10 fins per inch provides 40% more copper fin surface area
  • Louvers embossed between each fin to disrupt air flow and facilitate heat transfer
  • 3/4" seamless weld tubes in a staggered array to disrupt airflow laterally
  • Deep drawn one piece brass die stamped top tank with correct die stampings
  • Galvanized steel sidewalls to resist rust
  • Cowl rod bracket for support rods to firewall
  • Internal baffle in top tank to prevent coolant loss
  • Correctly angled top inlet
  • Correct depth bottom tank to clear crank
  • Electric wire tabs soldered to lower tank
  • Hood mount tabs
  • Clean solder lines - not gobbed on
  • Painted flat black to aid in heat exchange
  • Order the filler cap, filler cap with cap cover and overflow tank separately.

Our 1930- and 1931 Model A and Model AA truck reproductions are aftermarket products.  The design is based upon original drawings provided by Ford and original radiators we have collected over the last 25 years.  Each radiator is tested with an original Ford shell to assure general fit, appropriate neck placement and accurate mounting bracket placement. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the fit, finish, design or craftsmanship the radiator may be returned to us postage pre-paid in new and re-saleable condition for a refund. 

A note about "fit"model a water pipes that cause problems

  • Our necks are made to fit with original caps. Necks have a tang to guide on the cap and stop it at the lock position. It is likely to be steeper and tighter than the 80-90 years old necks found on an original radiator.
  • Quails and motometers have always been an aftermarket product. Today they are made in Taiwan or China and they may not fit our neck. Some customer have reported that they die grind the cap's casting with a dremmel or file to guide the tab as it climbs the neck tang.
  • Not all waterpipes are the same which may affect the rubber hose connection. Please review the photo illustrating lower hose connections, contact us if you have an incorrect lower hose connection.
  • Product Options

    • ModelP30-31FT
    • Quantity
    • Radiator Cap:4psi $8.994psi with cover $29.99
    • pie shaped overflow tank:yes $149.99