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1928-29 Model A Radiator Restorations

Price  $1,000.00 

Product Description

We have had an increasing number of requests for Model A and AA restorations using all original parts.  Model As and AAs have a scallop removed from each fin to receive the corresponding embossing on the die stamped sidewall.  We have the ability to remove this material to utilize OEM sidewalls without raking fins.  The process is the same as our other restorations.

  • An estimate of the restoration time is made and the customer deposit is provided.
  • A visual inspection and physical test of the radiator to identify stress cracks in tanks.
  • Dimension and dismantling the old radiator.
  • Surface cleaning and further inspection of all parts for damage.
  • Parts straightening, dent removal and parts fabrication as needed.
  • Round Tube core construction require a hand sheared concave relief which corresponds to the sidewall stamping.
  • Radiator assembly.
  • Pressure testing for leaks.
  • Testing the fit (if shell or mounting assembly is provided).
  • Painting or prepping for paint.
  • Packaging the radiator in a custom foam filled box or customer crate suitable for return shipment.
  • The price listed is an estimate. The actual cost of the restoration is based on time and materials. Price to adjusted at time of shipment.

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