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1932 Ford Flathead Radiator with Angled Header

Price  $985.00 

Product Description

Features of the 1932 Flathead radiator for car and truck include:

  • Angled header like the original
  • Two inlets at the correct angle for early V8 flathead motors
  • Modern efficient copper core design with 10 fins per inch provides 20% more copper fin surface area
  • Louvers embossed between each fin to disrupt air flow and facilitate heat transfer
  • 3/4" seamless weld tubes in a staggered array to disrupt airflow laterally
  • Deep drawn one piece brass die stamped top tank with correct die stampings
  • Galvanized steel sidewalls to resist rust
  • Cowl rod bracket for support rods to firewall has fitting to receive shell mounting
  • Internal baffle in top tank to prevent coolant loss
  • Square shaped bottom tank to clear crank
  • Electric wire tabs soldered to lower tank
  • Hood mount tabs
  • Clean solder lines - not gobbed on
  • Painted flat black to aid in heat exchange

A note about "reproduction and restoration"

Our 1932 Flathead car and truck reproduction radiator is the most authentic looking available. That being said, there are differences e.g. the neck is advanced forward to accommodate the shell neck location, sidewalls are smooth and most are made with 10 fins per inch whereas Ford used an 8 fin per inch. Each radiator is tested with an original 1932 Ford shell to assure general fit, appropriate neck placement and accurate mounting bracket placement.

If you are showing your 1932 at the highest level or seeking a Dearborn award, we can restore your radiator using your original tank and sidewalls.  Please see the restoration section for further details.

If you have any concerns about fit before you buy a radiator, contact us or send us your radiator and we will build from the radiator provided to fit your car and shell. When you receive your radiator inspect it first. If you are not satisfied, contact us to arrange a return for your money back or return it with your original radiator and we can build what you need. We only request that the radiator is in new and resalable condition e.g. clean of fluid and not damaged.