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1932 Ford Radiator Restorations

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Product Description

To construct the most original radiator, we will use your original die stamped parts and replace the core with either or 8 fin per inch core or a 10 fin per inch core.  10 FPI Maximizes cooling, 8 is correct for flatheads and 6 is correct for the Model B engine. The core requires a hand cut scallop relief to accomodate the sidewall embossing and core face dimpling.

This is classified as a restoration and pricing is based upon time and materials.

The usual process for a restoration is as follows:

  • An verbal estimate of the restoration time is made often based upon past restorations
  • The radiator arrives and is inspected; the estimate is revised as needed based upon condition
  • If the estimated price is acceptable, the customer deposit of 75% is taken and the radiator is placed in the build queue
  • The core and any fabricated parts are constructed
  • We dismantle the old radiator noting any variations in dimensions
  • We surface clean and further inspect all parts for damage or deterioration that may complicate its longevity
  • The customer is contacted if the condition of a part is compromised or we discover anything that adds significant time
  • Parts are straightened, dents removed and parts are fabricated as needed
  • The radiator is assembled and tested for fit with shell if provided
  • The radiator is pressure tested for leaks
  • Radiator is painted, or prepped for paint per customer wishes.
  • We package the radiator in a custom foam filled box suitable for shipment.
  • Total restoration time is calculated and billing is completed based upon time and materials
  • Customer is notified and the radiator is shipped
  • Due to the unpredictable nature of used radiator parts (original top and bottom tanks, inlet and outlet fittings, etc.), we cannot guarantee the long-term structural integrity of 80 year old parts. We will, however, make every effort to use any old parts that are useable and provide an opinion if we feel they are too deteriorated. Our standard two-year warranty applies for solder joint leakage and on the materials and workmanship of fabricated parts used in the construction of the radiator.