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1918-1928 Chevy Truck Radiator

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Product Description

No factory built pickups were built between 1918 and 1928, Chevrolet provided only the chassis and cowl.  Call for information on how to get the exact truck radiator for your vehicle.


About the ordering process:

  • Please note that the pictures shown illustrate past radiators.  The order form below will assist in building your custom radiator.
  • We do not stock radiators.  Each radiator is made to order and requires time to construct.  Please plan accordingly. 
  • Please note any special requirements in the comments section e.g. angled inlets, chopped radiators, maximum depths with core, fan or fan shrouds, patina-not-painted finish, polished brass or german silver etc.
  • Submitting an order for a custom radiator through our website will generate a deposit payment. 
  • We will price out your custom modifications and you may be asked further questions while a drawing is prepared for your approval.
  • We will do our best to estimate the time of construction.  It is a best estimate based on what is presently in our queue. 
  • If you would like to speak with us before ordering you may create an account and save the item shopping cart.  We can discuss it before you submit your order and deposit.


a link to the honeycomb radiators sectionKeeping the Honeycomb core: Aging engines tend to run hotter.  One contributing factor is decreased flow through a clogged and dirty honeycomb core.  Cellular or honeycomb cores are comprised of narrow passages that can clog with rust, sediment or get coated over time with hard scale or oil from the engine.

This type of replacement falls into the restoration side of our business.  If you wish to replace your early Chevy Harrison honeycomb core radiator with a new honeycomb core, then please select the link to the left and contact us for a quote.

What is a Honeycomb Fascia?

The Harrison Radiator Company of Lockport, NY supplied Chevrolet with honeycomb film cores until 1933.  This core pattern is still available albeit more expensive than more conventional tube and fin core patterns.  An aluminum fascia is available that when placed in front of the modern tube and fin core has ¼” depth and a ¼” hexagon pattern to hide the modern core.  Moving the core back in the radiator’s header and sidewalls encroaches 1/16” of an inch toward the engine leaving adequate room for the fan clearance.  When approached from the sides and front the tighter fin density and black on black paint create the illusion of a more costly honeycomb.  Great for restorers on a budget and nostalgic street rodders.

Product Options

  • ModelCT18-28
  • Quantity
  • Core Size:2 row 1-13/16"  3 row 2-5/8" $100.004 row 3-1/2" $100.00
  • Upper Hose Location:Center  Passenger  Driver  
  • Upper Hose Size:1-1/4"  1-1/2"  
  • Lower Hose Location:Passenger  Driver  
  • Lower Hose Size:1-3/4"  1-1/2"  
  • Filler neck options:Dummy Neck  Open neck  no neck e.g. filled shell  
  • Fill neck location:Driver  Center  Passenger  
  • Other:None  Puller fan  Fan Shroud  Overflow Tank  
    Cost of add-ons TBD after estimate has been reviewed
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