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1935 Ford Radiator
April to Dec production

Price  $999.00 

Product Description

Ford used two radiator designs in 1935.  Both fit the shell but have different depth tanks.  The April to December production cars used a thin tank.  The Brassworks hand fabricates an authentic replica of this unique tank to align with the contour of the shell for restorers and street rodders.

The Ford motor company only offered a cap mounted accessory greyhound mascot for 1933 and 1934 passenger cars. The 1935 and 1936 greyhounds are reproductions and were never approved by Ford. Failure to purchase the correct year mascot may result in a failure to locate the screws on the upper bracket.

Features of the 1935 Ford Car Street Rod Radiator include:

  • Modern efficient copper core design with 10 fins per inch1935--1936 Ford Radiator Caps
  • Cores are available in 2-5/8" 3 row core or 3-1/2" 4 row core
  • 3/4" seamless weld tubes in a staggered array to disrupt airflow laterally
  • Smooth die stamped .040 brass drawn top tanks 
  • Die Stamp relief in underside of tank to accept stock mechanical fan set-up
  • Galvanized steel sidewalls to resist rust
  • Cowl rod bracket has appropriate fittings for locating and holding the shell
  • Internal baffle in top tank to prevent cooling loss
  • Painted flat black to aid in heat exchange
  • Add a cap to your order!


About the ordering process:

  • We do not stock radiators.  Every radiator is made to order and they require time to construct.  Please plan accordingly. 
  • Please note special requirements in the comments section e.g. chopped radiators, maximum fan depths, fan shrouds, patina-not-painted finish, polished brass or german silver etc.
  • If you do not see what you are looking for that does not mean it cannot be done, it just means it is not listed on the website.
  • We will price out your custom modifications and you may be asked further questions while a drawing is prepared.
  • We require a signed approval on a drawing and estimate for a custom build.
  • We will do our best to estimate the time of construction.  It is a best estimate based on what is presently in our queue. 
  • If you would like to speak with us before ordering, you may create an account and save the item in the shopping cart.  We can discuss it before you submit your order.

Product Options

  • Model1935 Thin Tank
  • Quantity
  • Core Size:3 row 2-5/8"  4 row 3-1/2" $100.00
  • Upper Hose Location:Center  Passenger  Driver  Flathead $50.00
  • Upper Hose Size:1-1/2"  1-3/4"  2"  
  • Lower Hose Location:Passenger  Driver  Flathead  
  • Lower Hose Size:1-3/4"  
  • Filler neck options:Open neck  no neck e.g. filled shell  
  • '35-36 "Water" Cap:Yes $49.99No  
  • Fill neck location:Driver  Center  Passenger  
  • Transcooler:No  Yes $7.50
  • AC Condenser installed:No  Yes $200.00
  • Other:Pusher fan  Puller fan  Fan Shroud  
    Cost of add-ons TBD after estimate has been reviewed
  • Comments:Price : $0.00