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Pantera Auxillary Rear Radiator with Fans

Price  $1,199.00 

Product Description

For years we have considered designing an aftermarket copper radiator for the notoriously hot mid-engine Pantera.  While we were thinking about it, an aftermarket aluminum company came along and convinced most Pantera owners that they had the answer.  We remain unconvinced based on the calls we continue receive about leaking cores and hot engines.


So when a Pantera owner contacted us and requested an auxillary radiator to replace the AC unit in the rear of the car we were happy to help out.  In the end, we designed an oversized radiator with a two 9" SPAL high pusher fans sending 1652 CFM through the core and out of the back.  We built a custom fabficated streel air shroud on the opposite side to route all air out of the lower side of the "engine bay" and installed a FlowKooler temperature gauge in the top tank.

The radiator, fans and fan shroud, temp gauge as pictured is priced as a complete unit at 1,199.  Please call for individual prices or any other modifications.


We also designed a front mounted primary radiator for those who want to replace their OEM or Fluidyne aluminum radiator for the Pantera.