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1926 Pontiac Radiator

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1926 Pontiac Radiator restoration with downflow honeycomb construction or a more efficient flat tube and fin construction behind a honeycomb fascia.  Please contact us directly to discuss your Pontiac radiator restoration or radiator fabrication.

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a link to the honeycomb radiators sectionKeeping the Honeycomb core: Aging engines tend to run hotter.  One contributing factor is decreased flow through a clogged and dirty honeycomb core.  Honeycomb cores are comprised of narrow passages that can clog with rust, sediment or get coated over time with hard scale or oil from the engine.

This type of replacement falls into the restoration side of our business.  If you wish to replace your early Pontiac Harrison honeycomb core radiator with a new honeycomb core, then please select the link to the left and contact us for a quote.


The Honeycomb Fascia: We developed this add-on product to help the restorer on a budget.  It is not a functioning honeycomb core but an aluminum fascia that is 1/4" deep and 1/4" across the flats.  When mounted against a modern and efficient 10 fin per inch flat back painted core, it gives the illusion of honeycomb.  The fascia is secured with top and bottom headers and the sidewalls and sandwiched to the grill shell.  Total depth remains within the original Harrison Radiator core depth.  Good for Street Rodders and restorers on a budget!

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