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About The Brassworks

We do not have a call center and we do not import what we sell you from China.  We are machinists, engineers, metal fabricators, solder craftsmen and artists.  We are not “sales guys,”  We know how to make cheaper products and we choose not to do it.  We build our radiators one at a time from copper, tube,  sheet brass and steel.  The guys at the Brassworks 2We pride ourselves on the construction of vintage and classic car radiators and our ability to cool engines. We restore classic car radiators, custom street rod radiators, farm tractor radiators, fire engine radiators, early airplane radiators and even radiators for military tanks!  We contract produce for catalogs and individuals.We are US citizens paying US taxes and still making products on US soil.

The guys at the BrassworksWe are a minority, only 8% of the US economy is still engaged in manufacturing.