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Custom Fan Shrouds

Why should I use a fan shroud?
At highway speeds shrouds (and fans for that matter) are not that useful but a fan shrouds true benefit is realized when you need it the most; at slower speeds and idle. By shrouding the core area the puller fan’s draw pulls air from the entire radiator core’s surface area. Absent a fan shroud, a fan pulls from… well…everywhere.

Why metal when plastic is cheaper?

Plastic can get brittle but, mainly, it looks cheap. The Brassworks fabricates custom metal fan shrouds from steel, polished brass, polished German Silver or a combination of metals. If it is steel, you can powder coat it, chrome it, paint it your body color or have us paint flat black like the radiator.  If it is polished, we will make it shine like a mirror.

How do you mount the electric fans?

We never ever zip tie anything to the fins of our cores.  In addition to looking cheap, vibration can cause fin separation from the tubes which impedes heat exchange. We generally bolt the electric fans inside the shroud for a cleaner look and place finishing caps over the exposed nuts.   If we are tight on shroud space or have concerns about trapped air, we will mount on the outside.

What is trapped air?
Air wants a way in and out. If your shroud is too close to the core or the finger guard of the fan blocked air flow you could trap air in the shroud. This would cause the air temperature to rise and get closer to the fin surface temperature.  This is a problem as electrons like to move unimpeded from the source to the sink.

custom fabricated metal fan shroudDo you make a fan shroud from my mechanical set-up?
We will make a fan shroud for your mechanical set-up but we need a drawing with good dimensions.  We might even want you to cut the hole on-site. It is difficult to “uncut” a hole if your measurement is misunderstood or lost in translation.

Will you fabricate a custom fan shroud for another company’s radiator (e.g. Walker, Griffin, Be Cool, US Radiator etc.)?
Sure, if it helps keep them run cooler, why not.  We will need a drawing to be sure of the size.

Can I use a pusher fan and still have a puller fan and fan shroud?
The core does not know that the air came from an electric pusher or the open highway. So, yes, as long as the air can get through the shroud and out of the engine compartment there should be no problem with a pusher.

Will a puller fan perform better than a pusher fan?
CFM is key but if you have the room, install a puller fan before a pusher fan. Fans are most important and slower speeds and all fans become largely irrelevant at higher speeds. Having fan blades, finger guards and motor in front of your heat exchanger (radiator) could disrupt airflow and potentially block air.

Why do you have both curved blade and straight blade fans?
CFM of straight blade is frequently rated higher.  Curved blades tend to be quieter.

Will a electric fan help more than a mechanical fan?
Though a spinning fan blade on a high rpm pulley is a compelling draw, at slower speed and idle when you need cooling the most, we find electric fans pull more efficiently. They can also keep the heat exchanger exchanging when you shut down the engine and help prevent coolant burping.

How much CFM will my engine need?
As much as you can get in the space you have. Be wary of fan companies’ advertised CFM. We use SPAL because they consistently outperform higher rated CFM fans so either they are humble, honest or the others guy’s claims just ain’t true. Besides that, they use brushless motors and have a good product with extremely low failure rate. We have not found a better fan so we stick with them.

Contact us directly for details on fabricating a custom shroud.