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Radiator Reproductions

The Ford Model T put “America on wheels” and the Brassworks makes the most authentic early Ford reproduction radiators available.

Whether you are an active driver or show your car we have a reproduction radiator to suit your needs.

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Radiator Restorations

We restore radiators for classic cars from the brass era to 1970s muscle cars and specialize in honeycomb cores, cartridge cores, square tube with wire spacer, round tube cores from McCord, spiral finned tube cores and tube and disc cores. Our customers

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Street Rods & Classic Car Radiators

If you are looking for a replacement radiator or need a custom build to accomodate the changes you have madewe can help.  Engine swaps, chops and channels, thicker or thinner cores, polished Brass, German Silver, embossed logos or a metal relief.  If you can dream it we can...

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Heater Cores

Need to replace an obsolete heater core in your vintage car?  Find yourself cursing as you pay to replace the leaking aluminum heater core over and over again because of electrolysis.  We make our heater cores from copper and brass for better heater cores with a longer life.

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