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We are often asked by prospective customers to “just re-core my radiator.”  We do not just recore a radiator, rod out cores or hot tank a radiator in caustic chemicals.   These may be time saving techniques but they can damage, weaken or shorten the life of your radiator.  Furthermore, these terms suggest quick and easy fixes to fundamental problems, weak metal, clogged tubes or compromised joints or seams.

Our prices for this service are based upon time and materials. We place orders in a queue and restore as the work order comes up. Please allow ample time for the restoration of your radiator Due to the unpredictable nature of used radiator parts (original top and bottom tanks, inlet and outlet fittings, etc.) and the passage of time on metal materials, we cannot guarantee the long-term structural integrity of your old parts. We will, however, make every effort to not use any parts that, in our opinion, is too deteriorated.

Our standard two-year warranty against solder joint leakage, as well as our two-year warranty on the materials and workmanship used in the construction of the new core still applies.

Radiator restoration is rarely easy and never quick.  Perhaps a better question is “what is the difference between a restoration and re-core?”  Our radiator restorations generally involve the following steps.

  • An estimate of the restoration time is made and the customer deposit is provided.
  • A visual inspection and physical test of the radiator to identify stress cracks in tanks
  • Dimension and dismantling the old radiator.
  • Surface cleaning  and further inspection of all parts for damage.
  • Parts straightening, dent removal and parts fabrication as needed
  • Core construction
  • Radiator assembly
  • Pressure testing for leaks
  • Testing the fit (if shell or mounting assembly is provided)
  • Painting or prepping for paint
  • Packaging the radiator in a custom foam filled box or customer crate suitable for return shipment


Peking to Paris

The Brassworks fabricates and restores radiators for private collectors of vintage and historic race cars and active vintage race cars enthusiasts who race the oval track or cross the country in the participants in the Great Race or make the trek from Peking to Paris. We can construct from blueprints, shell tracings, sketches and cocktail napkins. Call us for your a quote on your next project.

Members of the following clubs may be eligible for discounts. Please mention your association at the time of your vintage race car radiator order.

Antique Auto Racing Association (AARA), Sportscar Vintage Racing Associaton (SVRA), Vintage Auto Racing Association (VACA), Vintage Sports Car Club of America (VSCCA), Society of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts (SOVEN), National Vintage Racing Association (NVRA), Vintage Racer Group (VRG), Vintage Race Car Organization of American (VROA), The Vintage Racing League Car Club


The Brassworks restores fire engine radiators for private collectors, fire engine restorers, preservationists, fire truck museums and local firehouses across the country.

We frequently work in German Silver shell fabrication.  The same metal used in early Rolls Royces and Bughattis can be found on American La France and Seagraves fire engines.

If you have a Seagraves fire engine , American La France fire engine , Scott fire engine , Ahrens Fox fire engine, International fire engine, Dodge Brothers fire engine or a White fire engine that needs a new radiator or restoration of the existing radiator, please contact us directly to discuss your project.




The Brassworks produces round tube radiator cores for early farm tractors and restores a variety of antique farm tractor radiators for private collectors and agricultural museums.

If you need a Allis Chalmers tractor radiator, AveryCase / David Brown tractor radiator, Boring Tractor radiator,  Caterpillar tractor radiator, Cletrac tractor radiator, Continental tractor radiator, Cockshutt tractor radiator, Deutz tractor radiator, Earthmaster tractor radiator, Euclid tractor radiator, Ford tractor, International tractor radiator, Farmall tractor radiator, Ferguson Brown tractor radiator, Fordson tractor radiator, General tractor radiator, Hart Parr radiator, John Deere tractor radiator, Kubota tractor radiator, Massey Ferguson tractor radiator, Massey-Harris tractor radiator, Hercules tractor radiator, Minneapolis tractor radiator,  Moline tractor radiator, New Holland Oliver tractor radiator, Waterloo Boy Tractor radiator, White tractor radiator or Zetor tractor radiator restoration of the existing radiator please contact us directly to discuss your project.

Tractor Cores with Bolt On Tanks
Are you a hands-on restorer willing to get your hands dirty to save money? Send us a dimensioned drawing of your core. We will build a round tube or flat tube core for you, mount the header and you can drill your own holes in the header saving us time and you money.

  • Core Height between header plates (Core only)
  • Core Width from fin to fin (not including side pieces)
  • Core Thickness (1-13/16″, 2-5/8″, 3-1/2″ in flat tube or 2-5/8″, 3-1/8″ in round tube)
  • Header Width Top & Bottom
  • Header Length & Gauge
  • Header Overhang (if no measurement is provided, core is centered)