Can you restore my Model A Radiator with your new core?

Question:  am interested in your HIGH Efficiency 10FPI radiator . My question is would it be possible to restore , re-core my original radiator to the same specifications as as your High Efficiency 10FPI ? The other question is cost . Thank You Vern H.

Answer: We can absolutely restore your radiator with our core.

Regarding your question of cost of the restoration...

The first cost is getting it to us.  This can range between $0 if you deliver to us to ~$125 from the furthest points of the continental US. 

The second cost is the incremental labor we incur dismantling the radiator, media blasting and cleaning-up the piece parts, removing the dents, straightening bent parts and oftentimes adding internal hidden repair panels.  Depending on the condition and the particular radiator in question this additional time may cost between $200-$350 (or more). 

The third cost is assembly time which may be increased due to the fiddly nature of 100 year old parts and/or the amalgamation of new parts joined to with aged metal parts.  Metal when formed becomes brittle and as a heat exchanger cycling from cold-to-hot-to-cold for decades can make the material even more brittle.  Occasionally we see metal from different periods in history and sources which we find difficult to "take" solder e.g. it just won't stick.

Many business will eagerly perform such work and bill you accordingly.  We however prefer to shoot straight and tell you as clearly as possible; for our production items unless there is a compelling historical significance to the vehicle or using an aftermarket part will prevent you from winning a trophy at a car show then you will likely spend more and get less.   

With all of that said, we restore a significant number of radiators but the vehicle in question is a Model A, an everyman's car which may or may not justify the added expense based on whether it is judged and whether the added costs are significant to you as the person writing the check for the work.

We hope this helps your decision.