heater cores

Cores are sorted alphabetically by Manufacturer name but the search filter may help you find your application faster.

We restore original heater cores and fabricate replacements for obsolete heater cores.  Many of the cores that we replace are of a v-cell construction which are not design to withstand the pressure of today's modern engines.  Increasingly we are asked to replace modern aluminum heater cores that fail prematurely through design or electrolysis. 

We do not make tubes that rotate so the patterns provided must be fixed.  We do not make o-ring or clip fittings style connections so you must use a traditional hose clamp.

The items you see listed are only a few of the ones we have made so if you don't see your year, make or model please send the pattern in and contact us via email so we know its coming.

People generally seek 115° to 120° from a heater core and in colder climates they prefer 135° to 155°.  We can make a 20 fin per inch heater core for this heating demand.