Classics & Street Rod Radiators

If you need a stock radiator for a unmodified all-original car you may be looking for our restoration services. However if you have changed the engine, modified the frame, chopped the height, need pressure for a modern engine then you fall into the category of street rodder.

Custom Street Rod Radiators

The Brassworks has been outfitting Street Rodders with radiators for over forty two years. We use our vast collection of vintage radiators to construct dimensionally correct reproductions or custom-built radiators that fit and cool. We are familiar with original shells and not-so-original engines. Our patterns begin in the early 1900s and continue on into the 1960s. If we do not have a particular pattern our fabricators can use your existing radiator parts or sketches to build a dimensionally accurate reproduction.

We will work with you on the design of the radiator much like a commissioned piece of art because in many cases that is exactly what it is. We will move inlets and outlets, angle inlets and outlets, build crank reliefs, fabricate power steering reliefs, install transcoolers and fans, fabricate fan shrouds, chop cores, narrow cores, taper cores, angle core or expand cores. Radiators are constructed at our facility in Paso Robles, California and you are part of the build process from start to finish. You will have to measure your vehicle to confirm fit and sign off on drawings.

Street Rod Radiator Construction

Built to Cool – Our Street Rod Radiators are available in three row core and four row cores of tellurium copper. We louver and emboss our copper fins to disrupt the air flow and reduce the impact of surface drag on the fin thereby reducing the impact of laminar flow.  We stagger the 3/4″ tubes to disrupt the air laterally.  Compared to most stock set-up and certainly discount radiators, we overbuild our radiators.

Each Brassworks radiator is designed with you and comes ready to bolt into your application . its complete with all connections and its built to last.  Each assembly comes complete with the following standards.

  • Tested to ~22psi but designed to operate with a 13 lb. to 16 lb. cap
  • Top tanks are stamped from .040 deep drawn brass or hand fabricated from .040 sheet brass
  • Mounts for the appropriate year
  • Brass drain cock for easy draining
  • Oil cooler for automatic transmission upon request
  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel side brackets
  • Fit to original stock mounts without alterations to grill shell
  • Every radiator is tank-tested and thoroughly inspected under pressure