Contract Production

Do you remember a time when the United States still made things? We do too.

Increased minimum purchase requirements have made short run production and contract manufacturing as rare as US based manufacturers themselves.   We now manufacture short runs of various items using our existing equipment and the materials we buy everyday; copper, brass, steel and aluminum. By finding multiple uses for our existing materials and our particular skills, we can reduce our stock holding, increase our inventory turns and cash flow.

The Brassworks presently offers short-run manufacturing solutions and practical machinist solutions in the following areas:

  • Complete radiators
  • Deep drawn tanks
  • Fabricated radiator tanks
  • Spun brass and aluminum parts
  • Threaded parts
  • Die stamped logos
  • Machined logos
  • Detailed CNC engraving
  • CNC Machining

If you need short run production of machined parts, spun parts, soldered, assembled or fabricated sheet metal products call us at 805-239-2501. We'll see if we can’t save you some money and keep production here in the USA.