Motor #5047730 may be used to replace all Delco Appliance 6-volt car heater or defroster motors listed below.

  • Two insulated connectors are packed with each motor. Use connectors for connecting motor leads together to change rotation and connecting other motor lead to battery or switch lead.
  • In case there is not room for connector, insulate connection with friction tape.

For clockwise rotation: Connect red and black motor leads together -and connect yellow lead to heater
switch lead.

For counter clockwise rotation:Connect yellow and black motor leads together and connect red lead to heater switch lead.

If the original motor is equipped with short leads connected to a terminal block, re-move the terminals from the original motor and install them on new motor leads.

When original motor is equipped with long lead, cut off lead 2 or 3" from original motor and connect to lead on new motor. If original motor is connected to ground with special lead use special lead to new motor case.

Make sure new motor case is grounded to frame of car.

If motor does not make a good ground to frame of car, connect a piece of bare copper wire between motor mounting stud and frame of car.

If leads come out of side of the original motor, it will be necessary to cut slot in the motor mounting gasket and bring the motor leads out from under mounting plate and down side of the motor.