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fb posting July 2021:

Good afternoon, I was making some good progress today on my 1928 leatherback and I was fitting the new brassworks radiator and got it all set just to realize the necks are not lining up.  Has anyone ever seen this before or know what I'm doing wrong here?Thanks. Ben

the fb community's answers to Ben's dilemma

  • I think that is a 30-31 neck. The 28-29 neck in an inch shorter as the radiator is shorter than the 30-31 radiator.
  • Radiator appears to be leaning forward. Pull backwards then put hood on to confirm.
  • Also radiator mounting bolts go up from bottom with castle nut and spring on top. Not that it will make a difference with the neck.
  • Does your hand crank hole in the radiator line up with the crank nut? I had to loosen the motor mounts and lift the trans to lower the front end. Looks like yours is the same way.
  • I think your frame has sagged in back. Either unsag it or run flottor motor mounts and shim it back right
  • I also have to ask if you are using a 28 or 29 frame and not a 30-31? The later frames have a lower radiator mounting pad and if you sit a 28-29 radiator on it, the radiator will sit too low.
  • Fortunately you can add pads in there to bring it up. Also check the crank hole as mentioned already
  • Last thought: is the fan the newer aluminum reproduction or the original two blade steel fan? If your fan is original steel, you should replace it before it ruins you brand new radiator.
  • Or a 4 blade fan!