Model T Radiator Reproductions


Our Model T radiators are made by hand in the USA.

Our Brass era Model T reproduction radiators are based upon Ford’s design. Round tube cores duplicate the original cores design in tube size, arrangement, and fin spacing. Ford’s original radiator design used a seamed brass round tube in the core and a common failure with early Ford Radiators was a splitting of this seam.  We use a seamless drawn copper tube with incredible strength and because copper is a 400% better conductor of heat.  Painted black this difference is invisible to the naked eye. The tubes pre-soldered and cores are assembled by hand.  Polished brass radiators with round tubes have the 1/8″ horizontal brass bar in the lower section for support and to mimic the original design.

We also construct Model T reproduction radiators using a  more efficient designed flat-tube core.  By changing the geometry of the tube e.g. elongating to “flat” tube e can increase the interior tube wall surface area by a factor of 2.93.  This increased surface area assists in heat dissipation.  Additionally, we use tellurium copper of  a European specification which to achieve a thinner copper fin which facilitates heat exchange.  With the same fin count per inch we can achieve the design aesthetic and get more cooling from the same surface area. Polished brass radiators with a flat tube core also have the 1/8″ horizontal brass bar in the lower section.

We recommend the original style round-tube core if your car is to be judged for shows or if you wish your car to looks more authentic for its year of production. If you are building a speedster or a car that will be used in parades on 100-degree days, we recommend our more efficient flat-tube core. The elongated “flat” tube core design increases heat transfer surface area and provides improved cooling capacity.  Equally important, they provide peace of mind.

Both the flat tube and round tube radiators cores have die-stamped parts to obtain uniform flat surfaces.  Each polished radiator part is machine-buffed to a mirror finish before the part is hand formed or die formed.  The top tank of a brass era Model T is a one-piece stamping and does not have the welded cuts commonly found on reproductions of the 1970 and recent start-ups.  There are seventeen set-ups and individual operation in forming just one polished brass sidewalls in a Model T!

A “Detroit, Michigan” identification tag on the back and a Ford script correct for the production year is stamped in the top tank.  Because both the early winged Ford logo stamp and the later “script” Ford stamp are officially licensed products from the Ford Motor Company and subject to Ford Royalties and licenses.  Upper inlets and bottom outlets, firewall rod brackets are constructed of red brass.  Brass is non ferrous and not prone  to the rusting and corrosion of the iron castings used by Ford and, when painted black, this improvement cannot be identified from the construction.   The lower outlet castings are tapped with the 1/8″ 27 NPT to accommodate period correct draincocks.

475,000 of the 15,000,000 Models Ts were made in Canada. If you own one we will not stamp the Made in the USA and use the appropriate Ontario plate on the rear of the top tank. Please request this when ordering.