Nice things people say

Compared to humanity, the internet is pretty young.  Happy people don't always comment online but bitter people do.  We believe in the silent majority of good people and we collect the nice comments they make.  


The rad [1940 Ford] arrived safely…but then the way it was packed it had to…what a thorough job and I’ve not seen spray foam used on any part I’ve bought before…but a great idea.
It will be some time before I find out how well the rad actually works, because I am still in the body shop stage, but this will allow them to fit the rad and make any alterations for the support arms to fit the roadster shop chassis at least.
I wanted to say that the craftsmanship and quality of materials used I found impressive immediately upon opening. The fellows at the shop were impressed with the double tube overflows.
It turned out to be a very expensive rad for me but if it fits and works well…it will be worth it.
As my father used to say” If you want to dance…you have to pay the fiddler”
Thank You
Chris J
Regina, Canada

I just wanted to get back with you and let you know the fine job you and your crew did on the radiator for our 1924 White Bus. I have attached a pic.

 Once again, thanks for all you have done.

 Kindest Regards,



I got the radiator, thanks.  It looks great, fulfilled my hopes and expectations completely.  Tomorrow, I’ll plug it into the space in the car, should fit fine.

 My compliments to the shop crew.  Your attention to detail is appreciated.




You guys are the best in the business. I'll definitely come to you for the radiator for my 34 Ford coupe when I'm ready. 

David M.


The radiator  1928 Whippet [sic] you made me is still doing a great job. Had some hot summers in the past and never went over 200 yet, cruising usually 160-180 F. Hope all is going well for you .

Regards Dan W.


Hello XXX, This is Jim B., I just last month received my Model A 31/32 radiator with shroud and fan from you and wanted to say “It looks fabulous “ !

Thank you so much. I received the radiator and it works Great on my model A!
No overheating issues anymore! Emoji 
Thank you again
Eddie B.


Just a note to thank you for answering my Radiator questions about my early 1930 Model A Radiator for my Cabriolet. My problems appear to be in the body mounting or a sagging frame. More work for me and no headaches for you at Brassworks’s. Keep on producing excellent quality radiators for the old car hobby. Pete P.


Hi xxx, here is a photo of my heater assembled and mounted in my ‘39 Dodge truck. The heater works great and puts out heat like I’ve never felt before. The old core must have been 90% plugged up. Thank you very much for the repair of my heater core. The assembly went just fine and the two knobs had perfect placement to the heaters outer shell 🐚. 
Thanks once again and best regards,
Dan Q.


xxx, it was great speaking to you yesterday. I am very impressed with your knowledge, especially of how radiators actually work. I understand now why the radiator [sic Sunbeam Tiger] currently in my car isn’t the best. 




Thank you so much! The '34 Radiator arrived safely. It is fantastic! It has all of the mods that I wanted! Again, thank you so much for your amazing craftsmanship and customer service! When I'm ready for a special radiator for my 1936 Bugatti T57S, I'll be contacting you. Take care and have a great July 4 this coming weekend!
I just installed the new pressurized radiator you built for me. I'm very impressed with the quality. Please thank everyone involved in building it for me. A job well done and I appreciate your effort. Thanks again, Dale
Just a follow-up to let you know that the radiator you made for my 23 T was really cool in more than 1 way.......  It ran about 15 degrees cooler than my old one.  Everything works like a champ and the looks are fantastic.  Thanks again and cudo’s to you and your staff for a job well done
Mike L.