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Question: Is tube count important ...

When selecting a Model A replacement radiator? I am interesting in purchasing an Extreme Touring 11FPI 1930 non-pressurized unit. What is the tube count of this unit?

Answer: It is important but its part of the larger "equation"

  • The geometry of the tube is important - We use a 3/4" elliptical or "flat" tube. The Rouge plant used a 3/8" "Jelly bean"
  • The tube wall thickness is important - We use a 007. wall.  Ford used a .015. Which explains part of the added weight
  • The tube construction is important - We are laser welded. Ford was a lap seamed solder joint that is an older construction technique and prone to failure.
  • The aggregate area of the opening of the tube is important. We are 2.6% greater
  • The aggregate volume in the tubes is important. We have 10.3% more volume in aggregate.

So in short, there are fewer tubes but because of their shape and construction they have more surface area in contact with coolant and, concomitantly, more in contact with fin.

This is part of the the reason they cool better. The other part is the fin.