Made to Order - Updates - Cancellation Fees

  1. (of goods, especially clothing and radiators) made to order.
    "there is no stock available because you commissioned a bespoke radiator"

Most of our products are made to order.

The radiators are placed in a build queue at the time payment is taken and we build them in sequence.  We try to estimate the lead time but it is just an estimate; a best guess as to how cooperative the fabrications in front of it will be. 

Present lead times


Please realize that little happens for most of the time your radiator order is in the build queue.  The core may be made and some parts may be made but most builds parts are fabricated and the radiators are constructed, tested and painted in around 3-4 days.

We don't mind status inquiries via email but in the amazon instant-gratification-now world that we live in now some people need frequent verbal updates.  Repeatedly calling stops production on other equally important customer's radiator so we may estimate the time on everything in front of yours to guess a date of work start   Repeatedly calling us will result in us adding this lost work time to your invoice.  


We pay a 3% transactional fee when you use your credit card.  If you change your mind, sell your car or simply can't wait for us to build the made-to-order product and need to cancel your order then this fee will be deducted from your refund.  Why? because we pay it either way and since we have no sale to offset the cost and we are not a charity, you pay for changing your mind. We also charge a $50 administration fee.