1917-1923.5 Amesbilt Cloverleaf Model T Speedster Radiator


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The Amesbilt speedster bodies like The Wasp, The 814 Racer and The Cloverleaf were  aftermarket bodies designed for the Model T frame.  The Cloverleaf used a 1916-1918 Maxwell Model 25 shell with holes drilled/punched to mimic a Lawco - Opesco Bullnose shell. Lawco-Opescos used square pattern core, had a visible break  or seam on the top-to-V, punched holes and larger neck with domed bakelite caps

Of you have a Maxwell shell we can make a slightly modified Model T to fit or we can create a shell to mimic the appearance.

It will fit a standard Model T frame from 1917-1923 (or 1924-1927) and the hood step follows the same contour of the hood placement on for the Model T's production year to which it has been paired.  This may be made as a flared cartridge, a film core, a tube and or fin or tube and fin behind a honeycombe fascia.

If you would like to commission a Ames Cloverleaf contact us directly.  We are eager create this work of art and make your car AMAZING!

We make to order. Please allow adequate time for us to build.

Build time estimates [February 2024]

Brass Model Ts 2 months 

Black Model Ts FT 1-3 weeks - RT is 6 weeks

Model As 2-4 weeks

Heater cores 6 weeks

Common street rods 3.75 months

Tricky customs & restorations 4-4.5 months

We appreciate your patience as we continue to recruit and train new fabricators.