1924-1927 Model T Radiator "hi" style - alternative shell neck hole placement
1924-1927 Model T Radiator "hi" style - alternative shell neck hole placement
1924-1927 Model T Radiator "hi" style - alternative shell neck hole placement
1924-1927 Model T Radiator "hi" style - alternative shell neck hole placement

1924-1927 Model T Radiator "hi" style - alternative shell neck hole placement

24-27ft - alt neck (requires dimension)

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We locate our neck using an original shell.  Since the mid seventies, we have built radiators this way.  Apparently, there exist radiator shells that have a neck hole further forward toward the bumper.  If you have one of these you should order a radiator with the neck  placed in an alternative location.  Your shell may be aftermarket and some owners assure us they have an original shell - we do not have an opinion. 

To measure; place a straight edge on the tank face and measure to the radius of the neck.  If it does not measure 9/16" provide your dimension when ordering.  All other dimensions remain the same. 

It is called "hi style" or tall radiator because its core measures 18-3/8".  It is set-up for the OE engine in its production year. There are core options available based on usage and budget.

  • The round tube is the OE design and cools better due to (1) being clean of scale sediment and oil, (2) tube wall thickness and copper not brass.  It is a more authentic looking radiator
  • If you are building a speedster or a car that will be used in parades on 100-degree days, we recommend our more efficient flat-tube core. The elongated "flat" tube core design.  With 2.93 xs the surface area of the OE tube shape it drops the engine temperature
  • We have introduced a 10FPI "racing edition" with 40% more copper.  It does not have the support bar and utilizes a support bracket similar to the 1909 design.
  • Ford did not produce honeycomb radiators for the Model Ts but Corcoran Manufacturing Company of Cincinnati produced the Peerless style as an aftermarket product for the Ford Model Ts.  If you like the look and want a functioning Honeycomb Radiator for your brass Model T please call us directly to order this unique design.  Call for details


Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the fitment of 100 year old caps.  These were often roll formed and can become obround and/or worn thin.  Aftermarket caps are test fit and available for purchase. 

Some images reflect past builds to assist with visualization of modifications e.g. polished brass, 6v fans etc

If you have modified or altered your vehicle in anyway, please order from the bespoke radiator section.  If you wish to restore your OE radiator using your OE tanks, brackets and/or castings please visit the restoration section of our website to begin the process.

Made in the USA

  • Galvanized steel bar runs through lower part of 18-3/8" core for support
  • Die stamped three piece brass top tanks with model correct die stampings
  • Drawn brass bottom tanks with relief for crank guide
  • Galvanized steel sidewalls to resist rust
  • Cast red brass rod support to prevent rust
  • Internal baffle in top tank to prevent cooling loss
  • Properly offset cast red brass inlet
  • Polished nickel plated filler neck (Brass and Chrome available upon request)
  • Cast stay rod guide and hinge holder
  • Painted flat black to aid in heat exchange
  • Made in the USA with 100% North American sourced parts and materials (yes, even the lead)

We make to order. Please allow adequate time for us to build.

Build time estimates [February 2024]

Brass Model Ts 2 months 

Black Model Ts FT 1-3 weeks - RT is 6 weeks

Model As 2-4 weeks

Heater cores 6 weeks

Common street rods 3.75 months

Tricky customs & restorations 4-4.5 months

We appreciate your patience as we continue to recruit and train new fabricators.