1928-1929 Model A Steel Fan shroud
1928-1929 Model A Steel Fan shroud

1928-1929 Model A Steel Fan shroud

28-29 Ford steel fan shroud

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Ford used a stamped steel fan shroud with the first Model As but elected to abandon the part in November 1928 and inventory was worked through by February - March 1929.  radiators manufactured at the Ford plant would have the fan shroud but Long, Flintlock and McCord produced radiators were added in July of 1929 later years and are less likely to have installed the shroud. 

Some have theorized that Ford ceased supplying the part as a cost saving effort and conventional wisdom holds that at speeds less than ~38mph, this hand formed steel fan shroud is your best friend. 

Given the number of parade vehicles and slow cruising tour cars we help restore, we have added a made-in-the-USA steel shroud tour offering for those who don't want plastic.

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