1934 Ford passenger car radiator cap
1934 Ford passenger car radiator cap

1934 Ford passenger car radiator cap

Cap 34 ford car

Regular price $1,000.00

This product was heretofore imported but alas the volumes have diminished.  We were  told it is not available and is not likely to be available in the future. 

We discovered the few remaining out there are being price gouged by eBay bandits at ~$1,000. 

This we find ridiculous.  If you would like us to machine them here in the US of brass and have them chrome plated we can do so. Its best to call your 1934 owning friends and  help grow the batch quantity because it divides up the set-up costs.  The price listed is a deposit toward the work.

If you are benevolent toward your hobby and wish to fund the project

  1. we will charge you the full cost of the item
  2. "tax" subsequent orders this development costs
  3. rebate back the development costs annually from future sales.

This does not mean you own tooling or the company or we're partners its just another way to get your project done and pay it forward.  


We make to order. Please allow adequate time for us to build.

Build time estimates [February 2024]

Brass Model Ts 2 months 

Black Model Ts FT 1-3 weeks - RT is 6 weeks

Model As 2-4 weeks

Heater cores 6 weeks

Common street rods 3.75 months

Tricky customs & restorations 4-4.5 months

We appreciate your patience as we continue to recruit and train new fabricators.