Ford 1948-1952 F series Recirculating Heater Core

HC Ford 48-52 F Series 3 door

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This heater core we believe to be an accessory heater core commonly found on 1948-1950 F series trucks.  We refer to it as the "vertical mount 3 door right hinge"   


Some notes on the Ford Heaters in this period

  • There are two types of factory heaters in this period; the Magic Aire and a recirculating heater.
  • The recirculating heater did not use the air duct under the fender. It just uses the air in the cab, or as the name implies, recirculates the air.
  • An accessory heater was also available and that was a recirculating heater also. It had 3 doors on the face and was from 1948-1950 F series trucks.
  • There are two different versions of the Magic Aire, one for 1948-1950 and the other for 1951-1952.
  • The primary difference in 1951 and 1952 is the flapper door.
  • The 1948-1950 had the triangular control bracket and the 1951-1952 had a straight control bracket. Both mounted under the bottom of the dash.
  • The 1952 has a slight jog in the tube relative to the 1951

We make our own copper cores and fabricate our own tanks so, naturally, we get asked to build custom heater cores or "small radiators." Some modern Fords leak like a sieve so we make a copper alternative.  We require the pattern for this build.

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