Ford 1951 Magic Air Heater Core
Ford 1951 Magic Air Heater Core

Ford 1951 Magic Air Heater Core

HC Ford 51 magic air heater core

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Ford abandoned the Magic Air heater core but we will still help you.

The 1951 and 1948-1950 wide tube have nearly straight tubes but the 1952 has a slight jog in one tube.  

We make our own copper cores and fabricate our own tanks so, naturally, we get asked to build custom heater cores or "small radiators." Some modern Fords leak like a sieve so we make a copper alternative.  We prefer to have the housing or original in hand to assure fit but if we have made them in the past and have a pattern you can order a drop in replacement. 

Present Lead times.

Made in the USA.


We make to order. Please allow adequate time for us to build.

Build time estimates [November 2023]

Brass Model Ts 2 months 

Black Model Ts FT 1-3 weeks - RT is 6 weeks

Model As 2-4 weeks

Heater cores 6 weeks

Common street rods 3.75 months

Tricky customs & restorations 4-4.5 months

We appreciate your patience as we continue to recruit and train new fabricators.