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Radiator Cores

If you would like us to build a custom core please select the photo below, print, measure your core and fax the dimensions to 805-239-2545 or email Include your name and telephone number and any other relevant notes. We will contact you upon receipt of the fax.


The Brassworks specializes in the restoration of honeycomb radiators.  Honeycomb core construction is both science and art and the resulting radiators are as attractive as the cars they grace. These beautiful cores are commonly found on classics like the Pierce Arrow, Franklin, Seagraves fire engines, Livingston V, Buick, Underslung, Lozier and later models like Dodge, Chrysler, Chevy, Desoto and many more.






Most people searching for the best means to cool a hot engine choose our CopperTube and Fin Cores for Radiatorsflat tube and fin core radiator.  This design is frequently called a modern and efficient core and seeks to optimize all variables that lend themselves to constructing a highly efficient heat exchanger.  Highly elliptical seamless weld tubes slide though copper fins organized in a staggered array so air tumbles laterally as it passes through the core.  Fin surfaces have louvers to disrupt the airflow vertically exposing the hot fin to cool air.  The tubes are fit in the core to retain fin tube contact that compromises the longevity of discount serpentine core designs.







McCord Radiator CompanyThe Brassworks manufactures round tube cores for early Fords, Dodge Brothers, Cadillacs, Hupmobiles and a host of other cars, fire engines and vintage farm tractors. McCord style radiators with folded flange fin or wire-in-fin for face support are available in the original 6 fin per inch or an increased fin density for improved cooling. This core is “period correct” and less expensive alternative to a honeycomb core design. We also reproduce round tube cores with angled header found on vehicles like the Mitchell or Chrysler Town and Country Radiator.





 1903 Oldsmobile Radiators and 1902 Cadillac Radiator CoresThe Brassworks also constructs tube and embossed coin style radiators cores like those found in turn of the century Cadillacs, Oldsmobiles and some early Ford radiators.








Radiators with spiral fins on tubes Spiral Tubes cores on vertical tubes were used on early Trucks Tractors and Cars.  These unique cores  can be constructed upon request.








Cartridge Radiator CoresWe can construct cartridge style or flared tube cellular cores found in oil coolers and radiators. Flares options of hexagon, circle, square and diamond are available upon request. Common to Rolls Royce radiators.